1 day left pre-order

1 day left of pre-order

Hey, guys, there’s one more day left for you to get our adventure mug with a 10% discount! ??
We wanted to inform the people that pre-ordered our mug – due to Midsummer holidays that are coming soon, the manufacturer informed us that the production of our mugs will be delayed. If we are lucky, then we will get the mugs and will ship them on June 22, but if not, we will have to wait until June 26, because the national holidays are in between.
We are really thankful to all of you, because with your help we could increase our stock and the positive feedback keeps us going! We feel bad for making you wait, but it’s something we have no control over. ?
To make things better, we will add a little something (new stuff) as a bonus for your patience and will contact you each individually if you happen to miss this post! ??
Love ya! ♥

Adventure Woofs team

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