We wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped Adventure Woofs launch, promote our first products, helped with photos etc. We made this list of contributors – without you we possibly wouldn’t exist.

Huge thank you to everyone who put their trust in us when we first reached out to them about our brand and products. Thank you for your trust, work and time. It brings such a joy to see that not only family and friends can help you, but people that you’ve never met before as well. That’s the nicest way to become friends from strangers.


We carefully handpick the accounts that we want to work with and look for loyal customers to build a relationship with.

Marco Schnyder holding camera ontop of the snowy mountain in swiss alps next to a helicopter


Marco is a photographer who loves dogs and happens to live in Switzerland. He posts breathtaking photos on his instagram and his chocolate labrador’s @dogswiss page. You can also find more of his work on his personal website www.fotografie-wallis.ch

Torsten Maas with black labrador Trixi in the forest


Torsten is a photographer, dog lover, outdoor addict who lives in the beautiful city of Zürich in Switzerland. He’s also the human behind the @superduperlab account. Check out his instagram or his website www.torstenmaas.com

Ilze Romanovska holding Frost the beagle


Ilze is one of the founders of Adventure Woofs and the human behind the camera of @frostthebeagle. She works as a graphic designer, but has always loved photography. The majority of the photos on this website are also taken by her!

Chocolate labrador Nala with her owner in the snow


This is Marco and his beautiful chocolate labrador Nala. They both live in a little village in the Swiss alps. Marco works as a photographer and Nala is his steady companion.

Trixi the black labrador in the forest


Trixi is a beautiful black labrador from Switzerland. Together with her human Torsten they like to hike mountains, forests and take occassional photos of Trixi on fallen logs.

Atlas the australian shepherd running through snow


Atlas is an Aussie who lives in Alberta Canada, together with his humans, he spends as much time as he can hiking and camping in the rocky mountain backcountry.