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The introduction

Finally, after working months on our special project, we are ready to launch it. That being said, we welcome you to our site. While being new, the choice in products is relatively low, but there are more products yet to come, so be sure to check in from time to time or visit our social media accounts for updates.

It was important for us to create a brand that we could use to connect with people that love to hike, camp and go on all kinds of adventures with their dogs. We are the humans behind the instagram account of @frostthebeagle (the main inspiration of this brand), two creative personalities that wanted to create products with their own design, share them with the world and donate to shelters in the process. We love to see photos with our products from different places in the world, so don’t be shy, post them and tag us in them!

If you want to know more, head to the About Us page or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the e-mail:


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