Adventure Woofs embroidered patch on a backpack

How to sew on a patch?

As some of you may know, there are different kind of patches, some you can iron on, stick or glue to the surface and some have velcro. Our patches on the other hand are pretty simple, so you will need to sew them on yourself by hand or with a sewing machine (you can also take it to the dresser, so it’s done profesionally)! In this blog post we will briefly explain you this process.

You will need:

  1. Patch
  2. Needles for fixation
  3. Needle for sewing
  4. Thread of your choice (we used black to match the black part of the patch)

First of all center and fix the patch on your desired place. Use the needle for fixation, so the patch doesn’t move. When it’s done you can move onto the next part.

Use thread color of your choice. You can use matching colors of the patch to hide sewing places or make it pop out and give it some extra design effect. It’s up to you if you want to approach it more creatively.

Same goes for the way you sew it. We used black thread and sew it near the white outline of the patch, so the sewing parts were hidden.

When you are done secure your thread, so that the patch does not come off and it’s done!

One thought on “How to sew on a patch?

  1. sewing a patch is much more like an applique. sometimes it is lot more difficult task to do. but with a nice guidelines it is really easy work. Your patch is really awesome one. thank you

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