We are a team of two graphic designers and a beagle named Frost that inspired all of this. Here’s our story.

Since the first day our dog arrived into our home, we wanted to document his growth and share it with the world. Little did we know that he would get more popular than we thought and would inspire us to do so much more and strive to create beautiful things and help others. You can find him on instagram as @frostthebeagle. After some time, we started to organize beagle meetups in our town with the main reason for dogs to have a good time and to raise donations for animal shelters.


We started Adventure Woofs in 2017, because we believe in the strong connection between human, dog and nature. Spending time on adventures with your dog can bond you more than anything. It can bring joy and happiness to your and your dog’s life as well as get out and get the much needed exercise. It’s the reason why we encourage you to explore your surroundings with your dog and just enjoy life.

Given the fact that we love graphic design, dogs and nature we did some hard thinking and so the idea of Adventure Woofs was born in April 2017. We wanted to create beautiful adventure themed products with a design touch that people would love and could use in their everyday life.

We love to see that people bring their dogs everywhere, as it shows just how much they mean to them and we hope that we can inspire others to help someone, create things or make a difference!

Adventure Woofs Ulubele shelter siberian husky behind a fence

Adventure Woofs is all about the bond and love for dogs, adventures and creativity. We value people who share same interests as we do and decide to follow us on social media or shop in our store.

With each item sold you help donate 0,50 € to a local non kill animal shelter. As we hope to grow bigger and even stronger, expand our design products, we would like to help out different organizations and shelters as well. In our first year since opening our shop on June 4th of 2017, we were fortunate enough to donate bunch of canned meat, kibble and different resources to shelter.

Adventure Woofs shelter donation in the car trunk