cleaning Adventure Woofs camping mug with lemon and baking soda

Take care of your enamel mug

Sometimes when you go on a long hiking or camping trip your enamel mug can get a bit discoloured. Usually, it happens after drinking tea or coffee, but don’t panic as you can always wash it off! Even if some of the stains look like they might stay in the mug forever it’s easy to get rid of them.

There are some things you need for that:

  • 1 large lemon
  • 2-4 tsp baking soda
  • piece of cloth (cotton or linen)


  1. Prepare your mug, you will need a lemon, baking soda and a piece of cloth.
  2. Cut your lemon, squeeze it into the mug and add 2-4 tsp of baking soda, so that the mixture starts to bubble.
  3. Mix it thoroughly and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. After the time has passed, take the piece of cloth, soak it with the mixture and wipe off all the dirt until the mug is clean.
  5. Rinse your mug with warm water, let it dry and it’s ready to take on new adventures with you!

We hope that you found these tips useful!

Adventure Woofs team

7 thoughts on “Take care of your enamel mug

  1. Marquis says:

    I like the report

  2. Alisia says:

    I spent a lot of time to find something such as this

  3. Ed says:

    Would vinegar work for this? Also, is there any way to ‘polish out’ or otherwise remove hazy spots from the enamel?

    1. Adventure Woofs says:

      We don’t really have information on vinegar, however, it is recommended to use baking soda to clean stains that are hard to remove. πŸ™‚

  4. Ricky says:

    I put my enamel mug on top of my stovetop on low heat (between low and medium) to make some NESCAFΓ‰ and milk. It was quite good! But after washing it out, I noticed that the enamel bubbled off at the bottom πŸ™

    Is my mug crappy/ defective or did I do something wrong? I thought enamel mugs were campfire safe, so is the eye of the stove a no-no?

    Please help πŸ™ I wanna know before I buy another one.

    1. Adventure Woofs says:

      We sent you an email. πŸ™‚

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